The following links lead to music I've recorded. Anything marked with # is improv or my own composition. Anything else isn't my music, but is my playing. These recordings originate from one of two pianos: my 1903 Bechstein parlor grand or my Casio PX-S3000 digital piano. My digital piano can record MIDI, so I use a DAW to customize and assign a piano sound afterwards. However, I don't edit the MIDI data at all. It's all exactly as-played. For my acoustic piano, I either use my phone's voice memo app or my MXL990 microphone, depending on how lazy I feel. Any editing is done in Audacity or Ableton, though most of my recordings are posted raw.

I have given a great deal of consideration to both the theory and philosophy of music. I feel broadly dissatisfied with the current state of musical education and appreciation in Western society. I initially pursued a classical education, but found myself unwilling to engage in the rote practice that was expected to memorize pieces. After taking a break from the piano, a good friend of mine introduced me to the possibility of improvisational playing. In my improv, I attempt to integrate elements of different time periods, especially baroque, impressionism, ragtime, and jazz. I find myself unengaged by most baroque and classical music, largely due to a systemic unwillingness to push the boundaries of harmony. On the other hand, I find jazz too hesitant to accept the establishment of a tonic, and in many ways I still feel too restricted by certain rhythmic constraints. So I attempt to find some hybrid of all these things that satisfies my possibly atypical taste.

I've only played music since 2021, so I am very much an amateur! I enjoy some of my music and hope you will too, but I don't want to imply that I am in any way an expert. Recently I've gotten into singing and songwriting, so some recordings of that may appear here in the near future.