I'm Kai Stevenson, and this is my personal Web site for things that I like, such as programming, music, philosophy, and photography. Whereas I've done some cool things and whereas people sometimes like looking at cool things, you may want to follow one of the links below.

About Me

My email is kai@kaistevenson.com. I won't post my phone number on a public website because I don't want any more spam calls, but if you want to arrange a phone call with me, I'll happily send you that information over email.

An absence of personal information on this site is to be attributed less to modesty and more to a generalized disregard for what I deem to be more or less irrelevant. That said, I acknowledge that some may wish to believe that I am a real human with a real human life, so I've collated some official Kai Stevenson trivia:

If you want to learn more about me (and I'm sure you do), you'll find that on the about page.